Toad’s place technical information



Stage Dimensions

40′ wide x (18′ Stage Right, 16′ Center, 14′ Stage Right) x 2.5′ high
Stage to Ceiling clearance: 11′
Trim Height 9′
2x Backdrop pipes 100lbs max each
2x 8’x8’x1′ non rolling risers

Stage 2D Drawing


Toads Place provides one system tech for Local / Regional shows requiring no more than 4 monitor mixes from FOH. A second system tech (to mix monitors from stage) is required for shows that call for more than four mixes, or shows with a traveling road monitor engineer.

A1 / A2 / LD are not included in pushers, loaders or hands.

Additional questions, contact:

Jake Rosenfeld

(860) 995-4992


(475) 269-9203

Adam Stern

(203) 645-1588

Hollis Martin

Box Office
(203) 562-5589 ext. 11


  • Lighting 200 Amp 3-phase cams SR
  • Audio 100 Amp 3-phase cams SL
  • 8X 20A Duplex Edison on US wall
  • 2X 20A Edison guest circuits in Monitor world
  • 2x 60 amp Shore Power for buses

FOH Audio

  • 8x L’Acoustics ARCS II
    • (4x per side flown) powered by 2x L’Acoustics LA8s
  • 8x L’Acoustics SB18i
    • (arrayed in pairs under stage) powered by 1x L’Acoustics LA8
  • 1x L’Acoustics ARCS FOCUS
    • (flown centered between L/R – down/front fill) powered by 1x LA4x

Avid Dshow Profile

  • Midas M32 (Backup)
  • FOH and Stage racks are located at the FOH mix position
  • 48 Channel Split onstage
  • Guest 20a circuits available

FOH Rack

  • 3x Mix engines
  • 16 line 1⁄4 TRS in, 16 line 1⁄4 TRS out
  • 2x Snake Cards


  • 48x XLR mic/line inputs
  • 16x XLR line outputs


  • Yamaha M7CL 48ch
  • 12x L’Acoustics X15 HiQ wedges (15” with a 3”)
  • 1x L’Acoustics SB18m Sub
  • 6x L’Acoustics LA8 – power for 12 mixes – please note SB18m included in this count
  • Side fills – 2way double 15” Radian coax flown and 1x 18” sub (per side) powered by QSC with DBX processing
  • 4x channels of Sennheiser EW 300 G3 IEMS w/ 4 packs (artist supplies ear buds)


  • Full Sennheiser mic pack
  • Shure SM58’S
  • 2X Shure Beta 91a
  • 6x Channels of Shure QLXD wireless handhelds with SM58 capsules with paddles/distro


  • Avolites Pearl Expert Pro with Touch Wing
    • (running Titan 11.4 software)
  • 7 X 15 MOVING PARS
  • 22x RGBW PARS
  • 6x Chauvet Rogue 2 Spots
  • 6x ADJ Focus Spot 6Z
  • 4x Highend Studio Spot 575
  • 3X Highend Studio color wash 575
  • 2x Leko Jr 750 watt 26 Degree (Stage Spots)
  • 5x 6×9 Lekos 1000 Watt (Stage Spots)
  • 4x Sharpy Beams
  • 4x LED Strobe lights
  • Chauvet 1800 Fogger
  • Chauvet Arena Hazer 3
  • Chauvet Hurricane Hazer
  • Dmx FX Fogger
  • 6x 1 Light Mole Audience Blinders 650 watt DWE


  • 3x open visitor DMX Lines (3 or 5 pin) FOH to Stage
  • 4x Dry cat5 lines FOH to Stage

Need a specific Gear?

For any riders requiring specific gear needs as far as staging/lighting/backline/audio/etc: Toad’s Place Production Manager and/or Purchaser (if a venue rental) must be notified no less than 30 days before the posted show date.  Toad’s Place production team will attempt to find exact items – if not available, they will try to secure comparable substitutions.


Guitar Amps

  • Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head
  • Marshall 1960a 4×12” (angled) 16ohm
  • Fender 65’ Twin Reverb

Bass Amp

  • Ampeg SVT-cl (USA)
  • Ampeg SVT 3-pro
  • SVT-810 Cabinet

Drum Kit

  • Mapex PRO-m Fusion 6 piece kit (22” kick, 14×5.5” snare, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”) 2x Rack / 2x Floor
  • Tama hardware and Zidljian A custom cymbal pack

DJ Gear

  • Pioneer S9 Mixer
  • Rane 57 mixer
  • Pioneer DJM 900 mixer
  • 2x Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus
  • 2x Pioneer CDJ 1000’s
  • 2x Technics 1200 MK3 turntables *ARTIST SUPPLIES NEEDLES/CARTS”

Misc. Gear

  • Timbales w/ stand
  • Single and 2 tier x style keyboard stands
  • Guitar stands
  • Music stands

Please specify back line gear in your advance with the club at least 2 weeks in advance.

If the backline that the club has is not adequate or there is additional gear necessary, arrangements must be made 2 weeks in advance to assure that Toad’s Place can acquire the correct gear in a timely fashion.